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Our first mission: to grow a community of Jungle Saviours

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It's free to sign up, each subscriber will help us to attract rainforest funding and you will join a movement that will lead the way in saving and regenerating rainforests

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The steps in our journey...









rainforest funding

Stage 1: Informing

Want to learn more about the rainforests’ central role in preventing climate change?
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Use this knowledge to engage your friends and become a leader in saving thousands of species, INCLUDING OURS!

Stage 2: Engaging

We want to hear from YOU!

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Stage 3: Developing

We are currently developing an App that will allow you to feel more personally connected to the rainforest. It will also incentivise  land owners and users to preserve their mature forests and regenerate forest areas along with their biodiversity through rewilding projects.

To be revealed soon!
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Stage 4: Saving

Let's stop destroying their homes!
We aim to incentivise all owners and users of rainforest areas to preserve/regenerate their land.

Our Purpose

To revolutionise the protection and regeneration of the rainforests and their biodiversity by using innovative tech to provide a direct and transparent funding model.

rainforest funding

How we aim to do this

By building a community of sponsors and enthusiasts to not only help in the development of our Apps but also challenge us to deliver more funding directly to the rainforests and leak less to unnecessary admin costs. We want to make the whole world passionate about saving global biodiversity by saving the rainforests.

How YOU can help

As we are in the start up phases of Selvador we would just love for everyone to join us to keep us on the right track. We are working hard behind the scenes to build a strong community to join our Rainforest Revolution and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. So please subscribe and follow us!

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