A Revolution in Rainforest Funding

Are you looking for a revolution in rainforest funding?
Do you believe that tropical countries should be rewarded for preserving their rainforests in their original state?
Do you believe that donations should pay for rainforests and not for administrators?
Do you believe that it is unacceptable that only 10% of environmental donations reach the rainforest?
If so, then join us in changing the game in how rainforest survival is funded

A Revolution in Rainforest Funding is Coming

So why is Selvador a revolution in rainforest funding?

We believe there is a better way to deliver more funding to the rainforest to drive its preservation and regeneration.

Many climate schemes deliver only 40% of donated funds to their target projects. The rest of the money is lost to scheme administration. In the worst cases 90% is lost to running costs!

Even from start up we will deliver more than 60% of the donation to our rainforest partners as our App automates our administration. This yields an income of $1,900 per hectare per year.

Cattle farming is one of the main causes of deforestation. A cattle farmer in Costa Rica can expect a farm income of about $500 per hectare per year. Our $1,900 is a big incentive to raise forests rather than cattle!

Many schemes support monoculture plantations. No biodiversity! – No sustainable benefit to the climate!  We will not support monocultures!

Costa Rica aims to increase their forest coverage from 53% to 60% of their land surface area. We want to help them to achieve that target.

We will soon launch a Web App that allows donors to sponsor a 100 square metre plot of rainforest for a year.

We want to build a community of subscribers that helps us to develop and test the App so that it becomes the Game Changer we know it can be!

Meet our partners in the Reserva Natural Maquenque in this video

Did you know?

1 km2  of rainforest sequesters about 2,500 tonnes of carbon a year, equal to over 3.5 full 747 flights return between London and New York.
Losing the carbon stock in that area (37,800 tonnes) to deforestation equals about 530 full return 747 flights between London and New York.
In 2019, 119,000 km2 of rainforest was lost to deforestation. This adds up to nearly 4.5 billion tonnes of carbon stock or around 5 times the weight of carbon emitted by global air travel in that year.

Help us to protect the rainforests and we'll save this stunning birdlife too!

Our Why – based on 4 beliefs

Developed countries owe it to the tropics to financially encourage forest/ land owners to preserve current rainforests and re-wild cleared areas.

Typically climate schemes lose more than 60%, and as much as 90%, of their donations to running costs. Our App, which will be launched soon, will prevent this.

We should never stop trying to make everything we do more transparent.

It isn’t just about the trees and carbon offsetting. Rainforest survival depends as much on the wildlife.

Our How

By building a community of sponsors and enthusiasts to not only help in the development of our apps but also challenge us to deliver more funding directly to the rainforests and leak less to unnecessary costs. 


Our Mission

To change the game in rainforest protection and regeneration by directly connecting our sponsors and donors through our apps thereby delivering more of their money to our rainforest partners.    

Our Values

What we value

Biodiversity, Collaboration, Efficiency, Expertise, Fairness, Innovation, Integrity.

What we don’t

Bureaucracy, Corruption, Greenwash.

. . . .and these amazing animals will be saved!

Our Who

You can help to save this breathtaking scenery as well!

Enjoy this stunning Calendar of the Birds of Costa Rica!

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