saying thank you for the rainforests

Saying thank you for the rainforests

saying thank you for the rainforests


our why

at selvador, we believe that the rainforests play a central role in reversing climate change. we believe that their destruction, although an evolving disaster, is an understandable outcome in the growth of tropical economies. 
one of the ways in which these countries can help their people to maintain a standard of living is by cutting down the forests to extract economic value from the land on which they stand very much in the same way that many of the industrial countries have been doing for the last 3,000 years.
although the forests have been absorbing the escalating carbon emissions produced by the industrial nations, little has been done to provide an economic incentive for these countries to conserve their forests.
little has been done to thank these countries in a practical way for extracting the carbon from the atmosphere predominantly emitted  by the industrial world.

 help us to say thank you for the rainforests

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our mission

to find innovative ways to channel funding to the landowners and responsible environmental institutions in tropical countries. this will be achieved by our forum subscribers helping us to design and validate models to generate funds for rainforest protection.

help us

to mobilise money to protect the rainforests