saving rainforests by not wasting money

Do you believe that tropical countries should be rewarded for preserving their rainforests in their original state?

Do you believe that donations should pay for rainforests and not for administrators? 

Do you believe that it is unacceptable that only 10% of environmental donations reach the rainforest?

If so, then join us in developing a web app that delivers money more directly to the rainforests!



a 21st century solution for the rainforests

You will already know that the tropical countries and their rainforests have been doing a great job over the past centuries in sequestering (removing) carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to limit the rate of climate change.

It is only in recent decades that they are looking to gain economic value from their land through deforestation.

You may not know that this is not only accelerating us towards an environmental  tipping point, but also it is creating increased disease pressure.

Industrialised countries deforested their ‘wild woods’ centuries ago.  Furthermore their increasing use of coal and other fossil fuels since the industrial revolution has caused the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to rise sharply.

If you’re anything like us you will agree that it is not unreasonable that if the industrialised world wants the tropical countries to preserve their rainforests with their carbon sequestration and biodiversity they should stop preaching to them and start paying more for it.

You may be shocked to learn that current off-setting and international funding schemes with budgets running into the billions only deliver around 30% of their received donations with some dropping as low as 10%. The remainder is swallowed up by “the system”.

You would think that there has to be a 21st century solution that can deliver more money to the forest floor and that loses less money to “the system”. Surely there must be a simple app that delivers your money directly to the people on the forest floor.

Well the good news is that one is on the way in the shape of our web app whose goal is to deliver at least 50% of the donated money to the rainforest during the pilot phase rising to 70% once we start to scale things up.

As we don’t have all the answers it would be great if you were to join our community which will help us to put the finishing touches on our app before we launch it.

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