Who are we?

We are an emerging start-up that wants to cut the nonsense in the current donation system and ensure that your money is used most effectively in saving the rainforest.

Only 36% of our tropical rainforests remain intact. We want to stop and reverse this decline before it is too late. ate.

Our mission

We want to bypass the bureaucracy that results in many environmental schemes delivering 30% less of their donations to the actual rainforest floor and its community and stewards. We want to regrow, rewild and rebuild the lungs of our planet to help save our biodiversity, indigenous communities, and ourselves.

 We are creating an app which we believe can do just that.


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Our Team



Having spent 30 years in the food supply chain I have become very aware of the need for environmental balance. For me the protection of the rainforests is the key to preserving that balance



During my 42 years as a leader in the Costa Rican banana industry coupled with my education as a Biologist, I came to appreciate the need to work in partnership with the rainforest with the aim of preserving its biodiversity.



Having run companies, for many years, that have supplied supermarkets with fresh produce, I am very aware of the environmental impact and the need for transparency in everything that we do.



I am an experienced network and systems project manager who has implemented large scale projects. These primarily include hosting, securing and maintaining bespoke web applications.


Digital Marketing

I am a Psychology graduate from Loughborough University specialising in Digital Marketing. My role is to use social media to connect with and grow our subscriber group. i also create the look and feel of the website.

Our Why

 Currently rainforest landowners who want to make a living, can make more money by cutting down their areas for farming, resources and space rather than maintaining the rainforest for no profit. This is exactly what the UK did many years ago, however we still we have a right to criticise and sanction. 


We believe this isn’t fair. If we want to maintain the limited areas of rainforest we have left, we should be financially endorsing people to do so. It is obvious the current way we are going about protecting our precious ecosystem is not working. 

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Change needs to happen NOW, and FAST!

We hear over and over again that to make a global change we all need to contribute however that is difficult when its a few people against the rest. We are creating an app that with a small contribution from everyone will have a GINORMOUS impact on our environment. So if you have ever said but what can I do? Well here is your opportunity to take a step that will really matter!

We are Jungle Saviours quite literally by name!

Selvador is a wordsmash between Selva (Jungle) and Salvador (Saviour). 

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